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Carry forward corporate culture and build a century old enterprise

Corporate culture is the goal, basic belief, value standard and code of conduct formed in the long-term development of the enterprise and followed by all employees. It is a comprehensive reflection of the common demands of the enterprise and employees. Corporate culture plays an important role in guiding, condensing and motivating, and is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises. From experience management, scientific management to cultural management is the inevitable trend of enterprise management development. Modern enterprises have entered a new era of cultural victory.

After years of development, kangliyuan company has entered a new stage of leapfrog development. Deepen scientific management and promote cultural management; Improving economic power and stimulating cultural power is a major strategic choice for Kang Liyuan to meet new challenges and create new brilliance. It is very urgent to sort out, refine and disseminate Kang Liyuan's corporate culture system to make it a power source for the company to face the future and move towards the future. Based on the past and facing the future, the corporate culture outline of Jiangsu kangliyuan fitness equipment Co., Ltd. has systematically reviewed, comprehensively deepened and improved the vision, spirit and concept gradually formed in the development of the company over the past few decades. It is an action program, code of conduct and spiritual pillar that every employee should understand, grasp, consciously follow and internalize. Enterprises with beliefs and principles are invincible. I firmly believe that, inspired by the company's culture of keeping pace with the times and renewing for a long time, our team will be invincible, our cause will flourish, and Kang Liyuan's dream of building "China Kang Liyuan, century Kang Liyuan" will finally come true!

Chairman of Jiangsu kangliyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd.: Heng dunjian

Our kangliyuan company has a long history and steady growth. Kangliyuan company is a modern enterprise with long history and vitality

▲Kangliyuan company was founded in 1973. Its predecessor was a local state-owned enterprise. It has successively engaged in the production of electromechanical products such as motors and electric fans, and has a solid talent, technology and management foundation;

▲ in 1987, the company started the R & D and production of sporting goods and fitness equipment;

▲ in 1996, the company established the "Junxia" brand;

▲ in 1998, the company was restructured into a private enterprise and Xuzhou Junxia fitness equipment Co., Ltd. was established. The company has radiated new vitality and vitality since then;

▲ in 2003, the company established a joint venture with Taiwan businessmen to build "Xuzhou Haomai sporting goods Co., Ltd." to produce "Haomai" and "winnow" brand electric treadmills and fitness equipment series products, and the company's production scale and technical level reached a new level;

▲ in 2012, the company built the "Junxia Sports Industrial Park", which was listed in the "12th Five Year Plan for the development of sports industry in Jiangsu Province". It has become a production base of fitness equipment and sports products in Jiangsu Province with fully automatic welding robots, imported spraying lines, imported assembly lines and other advanced equipment in many aspects;

▲ in 2014, the company's "Junxia" trademark was recognized. In November of the same year, in order to meet the needs of development, the company was renamed as Jiangsu kangliyuan fitness equipment Co., Ltd. after comprehensive evaluation by China Light Industry Federation, the company ranked second among the "top 10 enterprises in China's light industry fitness equipment industry";

▲ in 2015, the company was recognized as "high tech enterprise", "China quality integrity enterprise", "Jiangsu quality credit 3A enterprise" and other honors.

Rich in innovation and advantages, kangliyuan company is a peer-to-peer and competitive modern enterprise

brand advantages

The company's "kangliyuan" trademark has been recognized and has successively won the honors of "China quality integrity enterprise"; The company's "winnow" trademark is registered in Germany, Britain and other developed countries and enjoys a good reputation. In the domestic market, the company has sales, logistics and after-sales service outlets in many cities in China; Internet marketing was launched through all channels and networks, and the official mall, B2B, B2C and o2o online stores were launched successively. The products are exported to more than 20 friendly countries and regions such as the European Union and the Middle East. It has many years of successful cooperation experience with ADI and other European and American sporting goods companies, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with Wal Mart and other retailers. The company's products have passed the "NSCC national sports certification" of the domestic sporting goods testing center; Passed ISO9001 quality system certification, IS014000 environmental system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, and CE, GS, rhos and other certification of export products; It has passed the factory inspection and test of its / SGS / BV and other institutions. The products meet the technical standards for export to Europe, America and other markets, and are exported to EU and other markets.

technological advantages

The company is a high-tech enterprise. The company has established industry university research cooperation with Shanghai Tongji University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other universities. Researching the development trend of fitness industry and developing advanced products, the company has obtained more than one patent.

management advantages

With the modernization of management informatization management, modern management information systems such as OA office automation system, ERP enterprise resource planning system, MES manufacturing execution system and KPI key index assessment system have been introduced successively, and the informatization, process, refinement and scientization level of management has been continuously improved. Facing the future and pursuing quality, kangliyuan company is a vigorous and developing modern enterprise. Facing the future, kangliyuan company will take "strengthening national physique, serving public health" as its own responsibility, "happy sports, intelligent fitness" as the new fashion, strive to create cost value for users, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for the society, and make every effort to build "China kangliyuan, Centennial kangliyuan" sincerely returns the care and love of users and friends from all walks of life!


kangliyuan vision

China kangliyuan Centennial kangliyuan

Bigger, stronger and longer

It is the common ideal and sustainable pursuit of all kangliyuan people to become a century old enterprise and achieve a respected brand.

purpose of kangliyuan

Strengthen national physique and serve public health

With Kang Liyuan's products, services and innovation, stimulate life vitality, ignite life passion, strengthen national physique and serve public health.

kangliyuan mission

Happy exercise, smart fitness

Take helping and guiding the masses to "happy sports and intelligent fitness" as the starting point and foothold of Kang Liyuan's production, operation and service, and turn sports into a happy thing through scientific and humanized product design; Through the development of intelligent fitness equipment and Internet fitness services, users can enjoy the benefits of smart fitness.

Kang Liyuan's values

Create value for users, create opportunities for employees and create benefits for society

The core of kangliyuan's values is user value. Based on users, people-oriented, collective struggle and benefit sharing, kangliyuan strives to build the company into a value creation platform for the harmonious coexistence of users, employees and society.

Kang Liyuan spirit

Houde Minxing fine industry innovation

It is a true portrayal of the spiritual and cultural outlook of Kang Liyuan people, Kang Liyuan company and Kang Liyuan products, which needs to be adhered to for a long time and vigorously promoted.

Kang Liyuan style

React quickly and act immediately

Empty talk will harm the country, work hard to prosper the enterprise, respond quickly, act immediately, speak and act vigorously, develop rapidly, simple and direct.

kangliyuan development strategy

Innovation driven strategy brand driven strategy culture driven strategy

Innovation driven, brand driven and culture driven are the three main strategies and core strategies of the company for a long time in the future. They are the major strategies for the company to move towards a new height and write new brilliance.

five measures of Kang Liyuan

Intelligent equipment; Management informatization; E-commerce marketing; Brand management; Manufacturing service.

Kang Liyuan's learning culture

Work in learning and grow in work

Learning is investment, training is welfare

The company is committed to cultivating a learning culture, building a learning enterprise, building a learning platform, paying attention to human development, improving human quality, stimulating human potential, and promoting Kang Liyuan's reform, innovation and sustainable development.

Kang Liyuan's Employment Culture

Have both ability and political integrity, be promising and have a position

Loyalty is more important than ability

Only when we have the courage to shoulder responsibilities can we be entrusted with important tasks

Employment is a kind of orientation. Kang Liyuan's employment depends first on morality and then talent; Have both ability and political integrity, and take morality first. The core connotation of morality is loyalty, loyalty and loyalty. Loyalty plays a decisive role, followed by talent.

The company is committed to creating a respectful humanistic environment that respects knowledge, talents, labor and creation, so that all kinds of talents can reflect their own values and realize their life ideals. The company opens the door to people who are honest, loyal to the enterprise, have the courage to take responsibility, have strong learning skills, dare to innovate, love life and full of passion!

Kang Liyuan team culture

Only the team, not the individual

Cooperate with each other and be open and aboveboard

The company is committed to building a trust culture of mutual cooperation, a giving culture of mutual sharing and a giving culture of all-out efforts, so as to build an organized, targeted, ideal, disciplined, inseparable, disorderly and unbreakable steel team.

Only when a drop of water melts into the sea will there be endless life; Only when a wild goose flies into the wild goose array can it complete its successful migration. Every Kang Liyuan person should enhance team awareness, strive in the team, grow in the team, harvest in the team and succeed in the team.

Kang Liyuan management culture

Management is equal to picking up waste

Adhere to principles and follow procedures

Adhere to the principle that cadres should not be good people

One person with multiple posts, one specialty and multiple abilities, resource sharing, efficiency increase and capital increase

Report the results, ask for instructions on the work plan, summarize the work process, and review the work experience.

Kang Liyuan's executive culture

10% arrangement and 90% implementation

Result oriented, clear responsibility, strict inspection, reward and punishment, immediate, automatic and spontaneous

Without execution, there is no competitiveness. Appoint those who can execute, improve those who want to execute, and eliminate those who do not.

Kang Liyuan service culture

Customer service is no small matter

Leave difficulties to yourself and happiness to customers

Strive to cultivate a customer-oriented service culture, always understand customer requirements, meet customer requirements in time, and strive to exceed customer requirements.

kangliyuan quality culture

No quality, no everything

Be a small craftsman and become a big business

Quality is the personality of the boss, the character of the manager and the conduct of the producer

Everyone does not create defects, everyone does not accept defects, and everyone does not transfer defects, and strive to create a quality personality and quality culture of excellence and perfection.

Kang Liyuan's innovative culture

Innovation is the life of an enterprise

There is no future without innovation

Everything is innovative and everyone is creative

Everyone is a maker and seeks innovation in everything

A little improvement every day is the beginning of success; A little improvement every day is the beginning of progress; A little innovation every day is the beginning of progress. No innovation, no progress, no progress, no competition.

Kang Liyuan's institutional culture

System above all

System management is the rule of law, and right management is the rule of man. The bigger the company develops, the more it needs system management, not power management. The healthy development of the company depends on the rule of man. Governing the enterprise according to law is necessary for the development of an enterprise for 100 years. We should respect, respect and obey the system and let the system land. The system is above all, and everyone is equal before the system. No privileges are allowed in front of the system, and no exceptions are allowed under the rules.

Kang Liyuan meeting

Late, absent, sloppy

Personal attack off topic discussion

Whisper and leave without authorization

False report without preparation

Prevaricate each other without making a decision

kangliyuan staff's daily code of conduct

Love the motherland and contribute to the society

Be honest and trustworthy, abide by discipline and law

Diligent in study and work

Dedication and dedication

Solidarity and sincere communication

Dignified appearance and elegant manners

Respect the old, love the young and be good neighbors

Honest and loyal enterprise