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Kangliyuan Fitness Activity Room-Customer Case
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At present, many public institutions or CUHK companies are equipped with employee gyms or employee activity rooms to reduce the incidence of employees’ sub-health and certain occupational diseases. Intuitively, exercise can relieve fatigue after stressful work and improve employees.

Work efficiency is a worthwhile investment in all aspects.

Over the years, Kangliyuan has been committed to providing customers with a series of home and commercial fitness equipment based on the concept of "brand, service, innovation". The product areas include aerobic equipment, strength equipment, small sports equipment, sports rehabilitation equipment, outdoor paths Series etc.

As a provider of professional and scientific sports health solutions, Junxia provides sports health solutions suitable for various sports scenes and various groups of people, covering commercial fitness, corporate fitness, home fitness, and national fitness.

Let’s take a look at the Kangliyuan fitness activity room-customer case


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