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What are the home fitness equipment?
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What are the general fitness equipment?

Their main functions are: increase arm strength: dumbbells, grips, multifunctional sit-ups

Rowing machine: mainly used to enhance arm strength, latissimus dorsi and movement coordination.

AMT fitness exercise machine: Unlike other fitness methods, users can freely switch between climbing stairs, walking, jogging and long-distance running in different exercise modes and a completely zero-impact experience. You can use this instant conversion mode function to adjust your training mode to achieve the goal of training for specific muscle groups.


Elliptical machine

Elliptical running machine: The patented technology of smooth movement trajectory and cross slope allows the user to exercise the muscle group in a biomechanical posture, which increases the diversity and effectiveness of exercise. Zero resistance exercise reduces the occurrence of muscle strain.

Fitness bike: When exercising, like riding a bicycle, it is mainly used to enhance leg strength and enhance cardiovascular function.

Walker: It is mainly used to exercise the muscles of the legs, waist, abdomen and heart and lung functions.

Treadmill: mainly used to exercise legs, hips, waist, abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function.

Waist beauty machine: It can be used for relaxing massage on waist and back.

Comprehensive multi-function device: generally include chest expander, pull-ups, supine press, sit-ups and other equipment functions. Chest expanders, pull-ups, and supine presses are mainly used to exercise upper limb strength and pectoralis major muscle strength; sit-ups are mainly used to exercise psoas muscles and reduce excess fat in the waist and abdomen.


The main functions of the integrated trainer

1. Butterfly machine

(1) Standing facing the butterfly machine, the distance between your feet is slightly wider than shoulder width, and your arms are around the periphery of the movable arm, and then open and close. This exercise is mainly for the exercises of the pectoralis major, trapezius, deltoid and latissimus dorsi

(2) Standing facing the butterfly machine, the distance between the feet is equal to the shoulder width. Cross hold the handle of the movable arm (left hand holds the right movable arm, right hand holds the left movable arm), and then do the opening and closing movements. This exercise is mainly aimed at the trapezius muscle, deltoid muscle and latissimus dorsi.

2. Pressing exercise frame (commonly known as sitting and pushing frame)

(1) The basic exercise method of the press exercise frame: adjust the seat under the press exercise frame to a suitable position, sit on it, hold the movable crossbars on both sides of the body with both hands, and then push up as far as possible with both arms until both arms Until straightening, bend the elbows and retract them down to restore the original position. This exercise mainly exercises the shoulder and arm muscles.

(2) Double-arm lifting exercises: stand facing the press exercise frame, the distance between your feet is slightly wider than the shoulder width, hold both ends of the handle bar with both hands from the outside to the inside, and then lift the bar with force until the arms extend Straighten up, then bend your elbows down and retract. Restoration to the original position mainly exercises arm muscles, shoulder muscles, wrist joints, shoulder joints and elbow joints.

〔3〕Knee joint flexion and extension exercises: Put a square block of 10 cm in height between the handles of the press exercise frame, stand on the square block, the distance between your feet is equal to the shoulder width, and your shoulders are against the handles on both sides, then Shrug and lift up forcefully, while supporting the handle with both hands to cooperate with the lifting motion, then bend the knees, squat down, lower the handle with the body, and then suddenly stand up and restore. This action mainly exercises the muscles of the thigh.

3. Inclined board

The inclined board on the comprehensive training device is mainly used to do sit-ups. But if you are only limited to this kind of action, it would be a waste of this large component. We can also do the following exercises:

(1) Lie on the sloping board with one foot under the crossbar, and the toes are tilted to hook the crossbar; the ankle of the other foot is placed on the crossbar, and both arms are straight and parallel to the torso. Slowly sit up on the sloping board, then slowly sit up with the upper body, raise the foot on the crossbar at the same time, straighten the arm, try to touch the toe with the tip of your hand, then lie down on the upper body, with the feet retracted Alternately doing this exercise mainly exercises the abdominal muscles and thigh muscles.

(2) Lie on the inclined board with the blade head facing the direction of the horizontal handle, hold the horizontal handle firmly with both hands, fix the body, and then use the shoulder and back contact position with the inclined board as the fulcrum, raise your legs, and do pedaling movements in the air or alternately Swing back and forth, up and down. This exercise mainly exercises the abdominal and back muscles.

4. Fork bars

The cross bar on the comprehensive training device is mainly used for pull-ups, but there are many ways to practice, such as:

(1) Stand under the crossbar, jump, grab the crossbar with both hands, straighten your arms, hang your body naturally, bring your legs together, do straight-leg group movements so that your toes can touch the handle, then slowly lower your legs To restore the starting state, this action mainly exercises the abdominal muscles, waist and hip joints.

(2) Stand under the crossbar, jump, grab the crossbar with both hands, straighten the arms, hang the body naturally, bend the elbows and pull up to the upper and lower arms at a right angle. In this state, the legs swing back and forth alternately. The movement mainly exercises the upper arm muscles and lower back muscles.

5. Hanging bar

The lifting bar on the comprehensive exercise machine is connected to the weight plate through a rope. It is mainly used for pull-down exercises to exercise the latissimus dorsi. We can use new exercise methods to expand the scope of application of the lifting bar, such as:

(1) Put a bench under the sling. Lie on your back on the bench, hold the sling bar with both hands, then bend your elbows and pull it down to your chest, then slowly straighten your arms up to restore the starting state. The main exercises are the arm muscles and elbow joints.

(2) Put a bench under the sling bar with the knife. The exerciser sits on the bench with his back to the sling bar, grabs both ends of the sling bar with both arms, then pulls the sling bar diagonally forward to the chest, and then arms After reaching up to the head, resume the initial state. Note that the arms should be kept straight during the whole movement. This movement mainly exercises the chest muscles and arm muscles.

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