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Pre-sales answer
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1. How is the product quality?

Answer: Hello, all of our products have a test report issued by the National Sports Product Quality Inspection Center.

2. How is the product guaranteed?

Answer: Hello, the treadmill is guaranteed for one year, the motor is guaranteed for 6 years, and only parts are charged for over-warranted products; power equipment, vehicles and other equipment are guaranteed for one year, and over-warranted products only charge for parts.

3. How to repair the quality problems in the later period?

Answer: Hello, our products are guaranteed nationwide. After-sales problems arise in the later period, you can directly call our company's after-sales service hotline: 400-887-6269, or call 0516-86604333

4. How to tell if online purchase is positive?

Answer: Hello, if you need to place an order online, you can go to our company's official store or a store with our company's authorization documents.

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