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How to maintain the treadmill
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 How to maintain the treadmill. There are always some people in our lives who are very optimistic about fitness and exercise, and they always go to some fitness venues when they have time. Fitness is a very good habit. Regulating people's physical condition can also make life more rich and vivid. The use of treadmills has also been a very important and popular way in recent years. So how should we maintain it in our daily life?

Regarding the maintenance of the treadmill:

1. Regardless of the equipment or machinery, as long as it is used, we should pay attention to its maintenance. After maintenance, the service life will be extended and the use effect will not be affected. Therefore, maintenance is to clean the body regularly Appearance, but also to clean up some dust that exists under the machine, you should use some soft cotton cloth to wipe, but it should be noted that some acidic cleaners should not be used, or it will affect the overall use effect.

2. There is also a need to check the treadmill regularly, to check if there are any abnormal objects between the running belt and the running board, because sometimes there will be some small things or garbage. If you find it, you must remove it immediately. A special mat should also be placed under the treadmill.

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