Scheme classification

Program details

An Introduction:

●The inevitability of enterprise deployment gym

The probability of employees getting sick is greatly reduced

Staff take sick leave time greatly reduced

Staff work efficiency is greatly improved

Employees are refreshed

Reduced medical expenses

Increased employee loyalty

●Junxia help you solve the problem

To make employees like fitness, they need to choose equipment that is easy to operate, fun, and easy to adhere to. Generally, the area of the corporate gym is not too large, ranging from 50-200 square meters. The configuration products are mainly aerobic equipment, treadmills, elliptical machines, Standing up, twisting the waist and turning around is a must. In addition, if muscle strength training is needed, it can also be equipped with a comprehensive training strength equipment, boxing punching bag, and the world-famous Big Bird comprehensive training device. Table tennis tables, pool tables, basketballs, etc. that employees like can also be added, and yoga complexes can also be added if conditions permit.

Device nameQuantityRecommended ProductsFeatures
Treadmill4JX-699S/JX-697S/JX-667S/JX-298DE/JX-298ACAerobic body, enhance cardiopulmonary function
Recumbent exercise bike2JX-2018/JX-S1002Aerobic waist abdomen thigh calf
Elliptical machine2


Aerobic body, enhance cardiopulmonary function
Spinning bike6JX-S1006/JX-S2008Aerobic leg exercises
Step machine1JX-S1005Aerobic climbing exercises
Magnetic car2JX-S1001/JX-7059Aerobic waist abdomen thigh calf
Supine board2JX-750/JX-821Waist and abdomen exercises
Leg trainer3JX-809/JX-810/JX-813/JX-807Leg muscle training device
Upper limb training device3JX-814/JX-815/JX-816/JX-817Upper limb muscle training device
Bench press1JX-827/JX-828/JX-829/JX-845Pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, deltoid, triceps