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News! Jiangsu Kangliyuan won the honorary title of "Outstanding Contribution Award"!
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On the morning of March 30, 2020, the city-wide high-quality development performance appraisal and commendation meeting of Pizhou City was held at the municipal government meeting. The deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor Cao Zhi attended the meeting. Kang Liyuan CEO Mr. Heng Siyu attended the meeting as a corporate representative.

The conference commended the enterprises and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Pizhou in 2019. Kangliyuan Company won the 2019 Private Industrial Enterprise Tax Outstanding Contribution Award.


Cao Zhi, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, pointed out that it is necessary to firmly establish the development strategy of "industrial city, industry strong city", and accelerate the promotion of equipment intelligent manufacturing and other emerging industries to increase speed and efficiency. Promote listing with more practical measures,

The Yuqiang project, vigorously implement the cultivation plan for large enterprises and large groups, and accelerate the listing of Kangliyuan and other companies.


It is reported that Jiangsu Kangliyuan Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. has been awarded this honor for many consecutive years. This award once again affirmed our company’s important contribution to Pizhou’s industrial development and economic take-off, and further abided by the "industrial city, industry "Strong City" development strategy.


In recent years, Kangliyuan’s performance has maintained steady growth and has contributed to the continuous growth of national and local taxation. At the same time, it has played an important role in absorbing jobs, creating tax revenue, and promoting local economic development.

Important role. This award is a full affirmation of Kangliyuan's contribution to tax payment with integrity. In the future, Kangliyuan will continue to improve its own strength and make greater contributions to the economic development of Pizhou.

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