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"Great Love Pizhou" Fifth Charity Gala||Kangliyuan Fitness Equipment
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On the evening of December 18, the fifth "Great Love Pizhou" Charity Evening Party was held in the conference hall. The Secretary of Pizhou Municipal Party Committee and his party attended the party in a responsible manner. The evening will be organized around the theme of enthusiastic public welfare and dedication to society, with touching stories to show the charity of the whole society.

More than 300 actors and staff from our city’s senior university, special education center, and Yunhe Normal University participated in the performance. The party kicked off in the opening dance "Sunny and Warm Canal", and then the party revolved around one touching story. The warm story "Watching" tells the government, society, and school of the left-behind children in Zouzhuang Town after their parents went out to work. Love for them.

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